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HGST Data Recovery Services

The digital world of hard drives consists of a wide variety of different HGST products. To support all variety of these models (that made basically in limited quantities), the drive repair lab has to collect and catalogue every model from every new or old HGST drive family. The stock of spare parts for clean room repairs includes thousands of items waiting for the moment when the failed drive comes to the lab for data recovery. Most frequently requested for drive repair and data recovery HGST hard drives are listed below.


  1. 2.5" HGST hard drives for Laptop
  2. HGST External Pocket-size (with 2.5" HDD)


  1. 3.5" HGST Hard drives / internal for desktop PC / MAC
  2. HGST External Book-size (with 3.5" HDD)

Mobile HGST Hard Drives for Laptop/Notebook computers or portable external enclosures

2.5" or smaller

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HGST Hard Drives for Desktop computers

3.5" form-factor

  • HGST 10 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives HGST 10000GB drives

    • HUH721010ALE600: HUH721010ALN600 0F27502, HUH721010ALE601 0F27453, HUH721010ALN601 0F27503, HUH721010ALE604 0F27454, HUH721010ALN604 0F27504
    • HMH7210A0ALE600: HMH7210A0ALE601 (P/N 0F23378), HMH7210A0ALE604 (P/N 0F23379), HMH7210A0ALN600 (P/N 0F21391), HMH7210A0ALN601 (P/N 0F21395), HMH7210A0ALN604 (P/N 0F21396)
  • HGST 8 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

    • HUH728080ALE600: HUH728080ALN600 0F23662, HUH728080ALE601 0F23664, HUH728080ALN601 0F23666, HUH728080ALE604 0F23668, HUH728080ALN604 0F23670
    • HUH721008ALE600: HUH721008ALN600 0F27505, HUH721008ALE601 0F27456, HUH721008ALN601 0F27506, HUH721008ALE604 0F27457, HUH721008ALN604 0F27507
  • HGST 6 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

    • HUS726060ALN610: HUS726060ALN611, HUS726060ALN614, HUS726060ALE610, HUS726060ALE611, HUS726060ALE614, HUS726060ALA610, HUS726060ALA611, HUS726060ALA614
    • HUH728060ALE600: HUH728060ALN600 0F23663, HUH728060ALE601 0F23665, HUH728060ALN601 0F23667, HUH728060ALE604 0F23669, HUH728060ALN604 0F23671
  • HGST 5 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

    • HUS726050ALN610: HUS726050ALN611, HUS726050ALN614, HUS726050ALE610, HUS726050ALE611, HUS726050ALE614, HUS726050ALA610, HUS726050ALA611, HUS726050ALA614
  • HGST 4 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

    • HUS726040ALN610: HUS726040ALN611, HUS726040ALN614, HUS726040ALE610, HUS726040ALE611, HUS726040ALE614, HUS726040ALA610, HUS726040ALA611, HUS726040ALA614
    • HUS724040ALE640: HUS724040ALE641 0F18425, HUS724040ALA640 0F14688
    • HMS5C4040BLE640: HMS5C4040BLE641 0F22149
  • HGST 3 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

  • HGST 2 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

    • HUS726020ALN610: HUS726020ALN611, HUS726020ALN614, HUS726020ALE610, HUS726020ALE611, HUS726020ALE614, HUS726020ALA610, HUS726020ALA611, HUS726020ALA614
    • HUS724020ALE640: HUS724020ALE641, HUS724020ALA640 0F14690
  • HGST 1 TB 3.5″ Hard Drives

  • HGST 500 GB 3.5″ Hard Drives

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External HGST drives in small boxes

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External HGST drives (desktop type)

Few Words about Projects

A view into how DataLab247 works, from the point of view of the people we helped

Unresponsive HGST CinemaStar C5K1000-1000 HCC541010A9E630 laptop from Clay G., Austin Texas, United States

I've had this drive for quite some time and was thinking to replace it with something newer, I even purchased the new disk and was planning to get it done, but it turns out that my destiny beat me to it - drive broke down, it's not booting, not accessible and making some of what's called grinding sound. There were no recovery attempts and all parts are original. The data to recovery are located in 'Documents' and 'Desktop' under my user profile.

Thank you for the great service to recover my disk. Files are all good with the same structure as before. I'm very satisfied with your work

Damaged HGST TOURO Mobile HTOLMU3EA10001ABB 0S03802 external from Mike O., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We had no warning before hard drive crashed. Now the computer is not able to access the external drive, the hard disk is not visible. It's spinning fine and doesn't make any of the sounds you tell about on your website. No one looked at the drive yet, so no attempts were taking to retrieve the data from it. The highest priority for .pst files, the rest is important too, so please try your best.

Your service was very fast and accurate; I'd never expect to get the results in just 2 days! And everything looks pretty good. Thank you for your incredible support!

Corrupted HGST CinemaStar Z7K500-320 HTE723232A7A364 320 Gb laptop from New York Medical College, Valhalla NY, United States

The laptop was accidentally dropped on the floor. The local technician tested the internal hard drive and determined the severe physical damage inside the drive. Now the hard drive has a distinctive noisy sound when powered on.

Successful recovery result.

Inaccessible HGST TOURO Desk DX3 HTOLDX3EB30001ABB 3Tb external from Mark C., Cambridge Massachusetts USA

One wonderful day, my external USB-storage drive suddenly became inaccessible and unresponsive. We tried to replace the cable, the power supply, the new external box. Nothing worked with this drive. There is still the normal sound of spinning motor. Noting looks suspicious, but the drive is just dead according to our computer (and we've tired two computers).

Perfect result: Almost 100% of data are successfully recovered.

Defective HDD 250 GB laptop from Animal hospital in Toronto

We lost the data from the second drive in the extended storage bay. It was located in a sliding carrier for modular bay slot on Fujitsu LifeBook. Two technicians were invited to fix the data access problem, but without success.

The new drive with data has been arrived, Thanks a lot.