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RAID Data Recovery often involves replacing failed or damaged hard drive's components in a clean environment. Failed components typically include read/write heads, head assemblies and drive motors. Our team of engineers and researches has been continuously improving the performance and safety of RAID recovery technology for the past decade.

Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks, or RAID, is a system of multiple hard drives for sharing or replicating data. Redundancy means adding a one or few additional hard drives to array for safety sake. Redundant hard drive does not add extra capacity to the system, but serves as a warranty (or plan B) to keep data integrity in case one of the drives in the system will crash. In reality, data laboratory has to deal with the situation when more than one hard drives already crashed and the system cannot be restored without recovery the critical numbers of drives for RAID integrity.

The array distributes data across several disks in certain order and exactly in accordance with the selected RAID configuration rules. Array can be organized in many ways, but two basic configurations divide all RAIDs into two diametrically opposite data storage devices in terms of goals.

While the mirrored arrays are mostly for double-coping the same data on pair of equal volumes, the striped ones are for combining drives into one big data volume.

When Several Hard Drives can be organized in one striped set (RAID 0), and the computer hardware, the programs, and the human eye will see on the screen only one single disk (one-letter drive).

The total capacity of the classic striped array is roughly equal to the sum of every member of RAID:

Striped RAID Capacity = #1 HDD Capacity + #2 HDD Capacity + ... #n HDD Capacity

RAID Data Recovery Rate - effective since 2019

You may start the data restoration process right now if you go with today's guaranteed deal: Data Lab 24/7 will recover all your requested files for the firm price directly from this table. If by any reason you will find the recovery result is not what you expected, you pay nothing at all for our service. In some instances, we even proportionately reduce the cost, matching it to the harsh reality of inability to derive all files from severely injured data medium. So, again, you go with the order when you sure you will pay for the service in full, in case of successful recovery. If not, there is no obligation from your side to pay for not wanted data and you may cancel the recovery process at any moment. Many of our customers had told us that they spent plenty of time and could not find even close conditions agreeable to such strict standards in this industry.

Data Recovery Fixed Price Table (Firm Guaranteed Prices)

RAID Recovery 3-5 days turnaround DayTime Service Emergency Day-and-Night Service
For 2 TB or smaller Hard Drive $980 $1280
From 2.5 TB to 7 TB Hard Drive $1280 $1600
From 7.5 TB and 10 TB Hard Drive $1500 $1900
From 11 TB and bigger Hard Drive $1900 $2300

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RAID data recovery service covers all data loss cases, including

  • Clean Room Repairs (for all internal damages like clicking noises, heads damage, motor problems, severe media damage to platters; These problems are fixed by opening the hard drive under clean room conditions)
  • Firmware problems (Internal microcode damaged)
  • Electronic components (burned PCB)
  • Software recovery (File System corrupted; viruses; deleted files, etc.)

Check the list of RAID device we have already recovered the data from at Data Lab

You may be interested to have a close look at particular RAID registered in our growing database of supported devices. There is always delay in adding new RAID models to the list, besides, it is not our primary goal to bring every RAID device into the database, but every device you submit to service goes through the perfectly organized RAID data restoration process that starts with your start-submission form. That form is the paperwork link between you and the data recovery specialist, please take your time and answer to a few questions about the failed array type, the hard drive info in details, and memo about the critical data to recover. Please, do not send or bring your device in the lab before we review your order and check our parts stock to make sure that we are ready to start and finish and deliver your lost files right in agreeable turnaround time.

We also support all network attached drives or servers (NAS-RAID), as well as regular external RAID. So far we do not plan to add any extras to service plan for any additional data retrieving manipulation contributed by extra complexity of network attached servers and external drives with the build-in encrypting features. That table covers all-included external storages for extensive data salvaging and repairs.

RAID devices successfully recovered in Data Lab 24/7

Buffalo RAID, Buffalo NAS

Fantom RAID, Fantom NAS

Iomega RAID, Iomega NAS



Seagate RAID, Seagate NAS

Synology RAID, Synology NAS



About the finished projects

How Data Lab 24/7 works

Here is the small bit, from customers, sharing of how DataLab 247 has the job done

Unresponsive HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 3Tb (in RAID) external from A computer repair shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

All User data is critical! Super critical are two folders names: 1) Functional Area 2) Writing; All User data is needed however.
Notes: Customer opened the second hard drive from the LaCie NAS RAID but did not touch anything inside.

This data restoration project has been successfully completed.

Defective Seagate ST3750528AS Barracuda 7200.12 external from Diana C. Miami, FL USA

Unable to access the drive. Drive is part of RAID array. Customer will not allow remaining drives out of company for security reasons. Please Image the drive. Need an image to put back into RAID array/server.

Huge relief for all of us down here. Well done.

Dropped Seagate BlackArmor NAS 330 STAW3000100 RAID external from GTAA manager, Toronto Pearson International Airport

RAID was tested by certified computer technician.
He advised to apply to the raid recovery lab with hard drive restoration capability because the first disk in array deteriorated to complete mechanical failure with an internal noise.
The drive from RAID was removed and tested in a separate external USB-docking cuddy.

Failed disk was successfully recovered, the array was reconstructed. Data files are OK.

Noisy Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition 2TB external from Ted W., Los Angeles, California, United States

Disk had some issues in the past, but nothing serious (problems with the power supply), now I have two hard drives that are mirrored of each other and both failed, when first failed (started clicking) I did not worry much as the second drive is an exact copy of the first one, but I removed them both from the case and hooked the working drive as a slave to copy files to another external drive I have, in the middle of copying computer hung, I tried to reboot, but no slave came up only clicking noise just as it was with the first one, so frustrating! I'm sending both hard drives for recovery - to get more data recovered all together. Ideally I'd like all data get back.

Glad you could help, my big appreciation for your special discount on the second drive recovery - that helped a lot! I'll try to stay afar from WD hard drives from now on - too complex for my petty needs as to keep my files safe. My reference of your services as reliable, professional and fair-cost data recovery firm.

Broken Western Digital WD Blue WD5000AAKX 500 GB (part of RAID array) external from BNA Computing Inc., Shrewsbury, MA USA

Unable to boot computer-server from internal RAID.

Very positive experience doing business with your company: reliable, honest, competitive prices, professional. Thanks so much!