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Are there Instances where Lost Data cannot be recovered?

Yes, there are instances where the damage to the hard drive is so severe that data recovery is not possible.

There is neither magic power nor miracle in the real world that can recover the lost data from the scratched, extremely corrupted hard drive, or the drive with the overwritten sectors. That is why - as professional and honest as we are - no data recovery specialist can ever guarantee the successful recovery outcome beforehand, based on the described symptoms from the customer.

Speaking from our experience, almost every failed hard drive is recoverable only if it is timely brought to our attention, i.e. at the first signs of its initial crash. It's really hard to understand why some people postpone bringing the failed device to the professional care in the desperate attempt to revive it, thereby causing the data media slowly death – making data unrecoverable. Something that could be easily avoided, if were brought to the attention of the professionals.

Developing Scratches on Hard Disk Platters

1. When the drive starts failing, there are no visible scratches on the internal disk platters, that covered with the thin magnetic layer – that is practically the DATA!

No scratches on failing HDD yet
The disk platters remain clean and shiny...yet.

2. As soon the first visible scratch lands on the surface, that drive is doomed to die very quickly...
This happens because the platters must spin at a high speed, typically at 5400 or 7200 RPM. That means that the heads are moving at 100 km/h (62+ mph) with very close proximity to disks. More specifically, the gap between head and disk (the flying height) is just about 10 nanometers. The more collisions with the old debris or unevenness on the surface (e.g. the first scratch), the more new scratches and less data can be recovered.

Here we go - First visible scratch

And finally, what we have now: Absolutely unrecoverable drive. The scratches are all over the platters, the filter (shown with the red arrow) turned completely black as a result of the sooty ferromagnetic dust deposit. The conclusion: drive is brought down to a complete waste - too late to recover anything from this one.

Too late for anyting: Ruined Hard Drive - lost data
Overused to overscratching state

Don't bring your crashed drive to both hopeless and beyond recoverable condition. Don't postpone and do take it out for the professional investigation and data salvaging. We guarantee to recover from your drive everything what is yet possibly recoverable on it and you won't be charged for our labor in those rare and unfortunate situations where no data is recoverable or the recovery outcome is not up to your satisfaction.

Some of the hard drives recovered in Data Lab 24/7

Error message: cannot write to the disc because disc error occurred. Seagate ST3750630AS
This is Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and it failed, meaning we're unable to access the drive. It was running Windows Vista and had a single partition. All data are very important and have to be recovered, but the most critical data are all QuickBooks files. The drive is more than half full, so you'll have a lot work to do. The exact location is unknown so it could be anywhere, including Program Files folder.
... your work is impeccable; we are very much pleased with the results. The turnaround time for our regular service was unexpectedly fast; we loved your flat rate policy, so there was no surprise at that end. The overall experience is scored 'excellent' grade... Andy T., New Orlean, Texas, United States

Acer computer problem with Western Digital 3.0TB WD Blue PC WD30EZRZ drive
I have had an HDD crash, probably a broken head or spindle as I hear clicking noises.
Dear Sirs, Many, many thanks for your help. Chris R. Gentod Switzerland