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External Hard Drive repair

Inside of the External USB, FireWire, Network, or Combo Hard Drive case there is nothing more than the standard hard disk drive with the interface converter. Thus, the external drive inherits all kind of problems of the standard hard disk plus some others of its own. The good news that the data recovery cost is the same as for standard hard drive.
The most advanced data recovery technologies, Clean Room techniques, and over 15 years of experience in Data Recovery allow us to retrieve data from any failed external hard drive.

In Data Lab we support all brands and makes of external hard drives, including Western Digital (My Book, Passport), Seagate) (BlackArmor NAS, FreeAgent Desk/GoFlex/XTreme, Toshiba, HGST (TOURO Mobile, TOURO Desk), Iomega (StorCenter, UltraMax), LaCie (Ethernet Disk RAID, 5big Network, 2big Triple), Kano, SimpleTech, Ximeta NetDisk, VOX (BlackBox, V1, M1, N1, Mini), Fantom (G-Force, GreenDrive,Titanium), Kanguru (Eco Family, SonicSTOR) and many other brands.

We provide data recovery for any types of external media, including regular large external drives with 3.5" HDD, and all mobile or portable storage devices, such with 2.5" or 1.8" form factor, and even 1" MicroDrives.

Instant Quote for External Drive Data Recovery

To know data recovery price for external drive use our Instant Quote Calculator. As alternative you may go with Firm Price - Flat Rate table below.

Absolutely firm price for data recovery service applies for any model of external drive, but all recovery prices grouped by capacity or form factor of the drive used in your device.

You may start the recovery process right from here, by choosing from the table below the type of your failed media and requested service.

Firm Price for External Data Storage Recovery

Data Recovery Fixed Price Table (Firm Guaranteed Prices)

External Hard Drive Data Recovery 3-5 days turnaround DayTime Service Emergency Day-and-Night Service
For 500 GB or smaller Hard Drive $488 $688
From 0.6 TB to 2 TB Hard Drive $588 $790
From 2.5 TB to 5 TB Hard Drive $688 $890
From 6 TB and bigger Hard Drive $988 $1190

We also support all network attached drives or servers (NAS), as well as external RAID devices.

So far we do not plan to add any extra to service plan for any additional data retrieving manipulation contributed by extra complexity of network attached servers and external drives with build-in encrypting features. That table covers all-included external storages for extensive data salvaging and repairs.

Seagate External
Backup Plus slim, Expansion, USB2/3
External Seagate hard drive repair External Seagate portable drive repair

Western Digital external drives
WD My Passport, WD My Book USB2.0 & USB3.0
External Desktop WD repair WD My Passport portable repair

Recent Problem Solved

Noisy Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5Tb external from Flight Centre Canada

I have a FreeAgent external box and it dropped from a small height. After the accident the computer didn't detect it anymore and it makes a noise like ticktock with quiet buzzing. The hard drive was removed from the external enclose and tested separately in computer repair shop.
The technician told me that the abnormal clicking sound from the hard drive is not a good sign. It's possible the spindle or reading heads may be damaged.

I thought I was going to lose my data. Thank God I was wrong.

Damaged Seagate FreeAgent Go external from Armen S. State College, PA USA

The hard drive is not spinning; there was a power surge during a storm.
The drive made clicking noises for a week, and then stopped spinning. Drive was unplugged and no further recovery attempts.

Thanks a lot! Armen

Defective HGST Travelstar Z5K1000-1000 1Tb external mobile from New Jersey Institute of Technology

The data access problems started with the computer slow down until its complete freeze. The black screen was following right after the booting screen which keeps resisting from starting the system.
Now we believe this error happens internally into the hard disk due to very faint but clearly noticeable clicking sound from the drive.

All requested files were completely recovered.