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Service Ticket is the best way to contact with and get help from data recovery specialist. Any appropriate technical details and notes are acceptable here to include.


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Select the nearest shipping or walk-in address in the ticket form

Phone Calls

Although the Lab is working around a clock, the best time to call and speak with data recovery specialist is from 10 AM to 7 PM, Monday thru Friday – Eastern Time (GMT -5:00: Toronto, New York, Miami). Tell your ticket number for faster service.

Shipping Locations and Shipping Instructions

shipping addresses

Drop-In and Walk-in Locations (to bring in person)

Main DataLab 24/7 Receiving Center in Toronto

2100 Bloor Str W Unit 6-247
Toronto ON M6S 5A5 Canada

This address locates inside the UPS shipping facility.

Please call 647-247-4527 to arrange the appointment and meet with our staff,

Or bring your packed drive or computer directly to the front desk, but make sure you have a printed ticket/order or memo with your contact info.

Open: Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:30pm; Sat 10am-3pm

Select Location Near You

We have few drop / walk-in locations in the United States and Canada. Some of walk-ins are computer shops, working in partnership with Data Lab.

All shipping and walk-in locations are listed for your selection in the online ticket form. You may select the nearest data recovery location and get detailed driving directions and operating hours directly in the ticket form.

shipping addresses

Here are the few of walk / drop-in locations:

In the United States

And in Ontario, Canada - GTA

Notes for all local Drop / Walk-ins:

Before heading out to one of our receiving centers - you'll need to place an online Service Order and use its number as a reference for your failed device.

Have a printed copy attached to the medium that needs to be recovered, or have it marked with the service order number for a proper identification - once it's in the lab.

If you are unable to submit an online service order, please call us and we'll provide you with the reference number to use with the failed device for a data recovery.