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Always a better Deal for the same Recovery Level

Why to pay more?

Data Lab 24/7 offers much better service/cost for the same complexity level of data recovery, compared to other industry competitors. And you are at the right place, if you don’t like to lose in the price game created by service providers who lured you with easy-level rate that will be upgraded later to the maximum level you barely able to handle.

We would love to turn your uncertainty into confidence and bring that 5-level system down to firm fixed and fair price that never goes up. We guarantee that all defective and failed hard drives fall into one single category – data recovery from bad hard drive, and every case has its firm price table.

Compare deals to make a smart choice.

Most likely, you have already heard about some sort of gradation scale for data recovery jobs by its complexity. At first glance it looks good. It gives you a hope you will pay for entry level recovery only.

In reality, the hard drive must go directly to the clean room, because qualified data recovery expert will never try testing the drive without opening it. It is a standard procedure to inspect internal disks and heads for mechanical integrity to prevent any further damage to magnetic surfaces with data. Once the drive is open, you will unlikely change a recovery lab because the device is open thus is the subject to tampered drive fees by any other data recovery.

Even if you were suddenly informed that after the evaluation the company is decided to prescribe you the more expensive service level than you were given in the beginning. But who pushed you to learn a long, full-of-unknown words evaluation, written by technicians for technicians? Were you too anxious to search and find the answer to the principal question: how much is it going to cost you to have the job done?

Same trick is used by ones for a “free evaluation”. You get an entry level price at the start, the insanely top level price later.

Compare Levels and select a for better deal

Compare 2010 Year Data Lab rates with other companies in industry
Level Graph: Comparing rates in industry

Straight answer to the How much question

To stop beating around the bush Data Lab has only two firm prices for each data recovery case scenario: regular and emergency. All of damaged or failed hard drives are supported equally in the lab. We are not marketeering on data loss disasters.

Rates are affordable for everyone, who values their computer data. With Data Lab 24/7 you will never get trapped and ripped off by mysterious service level upgrade. You pay for result and result only!

Referring to Severe Damage Levels

Make no mistake: Data Lab can handle the most severe technological problems when it comes to recover data from devices that were already been highly rated by complexity level at any other data recovery lab. This is about levels 3+ clicking / noisy hard drives, or right the opposite - silent drives (dead) when the internal disc platters are not spinning, or the drive is not recognized by the computer.

In Data Lab all repairs are covered at the same low-priced fixed rate. Moreover, we have the most advanced and technology in replacing heads and absolutely unique the Safe Transplanting Platters System (no analogs in the world comparing to effectiveness and failure-proof for precisely aligning the platters on the spindle).

The choice who to trust is always yours. Make the right one and good luck!

Some of the hard drives recovered in Data Lab 24/7

WD10JMVW-11S5XS0 Error: drive not ready or disk not formatted
WD Passport was accidentally dropped on the floor. Looking forward to get back all data, pictures and file archives. There is also a very quiet ticking sound from inside.
I've looked through your recovery report and I'm impressed that you appeared to have recovered everything I wanted. Very pleased with the results! I've submitted the payment; please let me know when you've received it. I look forward to regaining my data soon. I'll definitely recommend your services to people I know and will consider using you again in the future if needed. Thanks again, Jackson TTC Toronto

Seagate ST2000LM003 Problem:
Not concerned about programs, settings or OS. Mainly pictures, websites data and any other user created data. From what I can summon we had a power outage, the notebook was on, when we got the power back I hadn't noticed that computer was dead: wouldn't boot up! it turned out that hard drive wasn't spinning due to some sort of shock, I don't know much about how to repair hard drives, but it looks pretty good on outside, so most likely the problem is inside, my guess it's your area of expertise - you were recommended to me as best data recovery company in Toronto.
... nicely done! Extremely quick and scrupulous job, you must be getting this all the time, yet I do appreciate all your help in recovering and restoring my files. To reinstate all lost data by hand would've been practically impossible, most of data were just unique, like the family photos - no time in the world would restore those years of memories. Steven T. Huntsville, Ontario, Canada