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Toshiba MQ01ABD075H all inclusive service


Data Lab 247 offers a variety of data recovery services in USA and Canada, including:
  • Hard Drive recovery
    • MQ01ABD075H parts, repair, and data recovery for Toshiba Hard Drive


Family: 2.5-inch SATA SSHD
Capacity: 750 GB
1,465,149,168 LBA
Part Number/Code HDKGB06S0A01
Model: MQ01ABD075H
Hybrid hard drive with FW Rev AAS AB10/ALF60H (2013-2014) and PCB# G3346A

Fig.1 - Toshiba MQ01ABD075H

Parts and Repair Service

Compatible parts: MQ01ABD075H, MQ01ABD075 with 4-heads/2-disks mechanism

All inclusive data recovery price

That includes parts, drive repair service, and data recovery.

Price: $588

Data Recovery Rates

Price range: $182 - $588