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Shipping instructions

This article is about specific packaging standards for shipping the electronic devices in general, the hard drives in particular. The latest detailed printable shipping instruction and address you will see right in the service ticket, as well you get the same information in our follow-up email. To start the process, please submit the service ticket.

Prepairing a package for shipment to our lab is very simple. Select any of packaging methods from the following examples and you are good to go.

Example 1: Cardboard box with the foam-rubber cushioning:

Foam-Rubber for cushioning

Example 2: UPS Express box with the bubble wrap cushioning:

Bubble Wrap for cushioning

Other Acceptable Packaging Methods, Tips and Hints

You may also follow the common packaging preps to ship a failed hard drive as well as any other failed data storages:

  • To ship a BARE hard drive: Remove and retain all brackets, mounting screws and interface adapters unless otherwise instructed.
  • To ship the WHOLE unit (external enclosure, laptop, etc.) include all needed accessories and software (like power adapters, cables, drivers, controllers, etc.)
  • Place the drive inside a plastic bag (preferable anti-static material or wrap in aluminum foil). Suspend the hard drive in the center of a sturdy box of foam-rubber or bubble wrap around all sides. Use crumpled paper as cushioning material to fill any empty spaces in shipping box.
  • We recommend to ship hard drives via air service to minimize handling, such as UPS Express or UPS Expedited services, although the choice of the shipper is yours.
  • Include in the package either a printed copy of your service ticket, or follow-up email, or memo with contact email (handwritten is ok) and ship it out.
  • We accept all courier companies, but advise you to use a shipping method with ability to trace your shipment.
  • We accept Saturday Delivery shipments before 3pm EST.

It's a good idea to use a shipping service with tracking capabilities, such as

UPS 1-800-744-7877
FedEx 1-800-463-3339
DHL 1-800-225-5345
Purolator 1-888-744-7123

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